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Can't I just get by using a check or cash?

For some people this might be an option. However if you have ever needed to purchase an airline ticket, purchase something online, rented a car, or checked into a hotel then a credit card of some kind would be a necessity.

What is the difference between a credit card and a prepaid credit card?

A credit card is a relationship with a bank that loans you money, and you pay off the money in the near future plus the interest. A prepaid credit card on the other hand has the amount of money that you place on it, and then in turn you control your own finances

How much money must I deposit to open up a prepaid credit card?

More times then not there is not maximum or minimum amount of money that you must deposit onto your prepaid credit card.

Is it easy to be approved?

The reason a credit card is sometimes difficult to be approved for is due to the banks and you credit history. A prepaid credit card on the other hand works a little differently, you are approved much easier. Since there is no loan/bank in the process almost everyone who applies will be granted their own card.

Is there an age limit on the prepaid cards?

Due to government standards the minimum age limit is 18 in order to apply for a prepaid credit card.

What is the difference between a debt card and a prepaid card?

The two cards are very similar. The difference is that some prepaid cards give you extra incentives and bonuses along with spending that debt cards don't.

Will a prepaid credit card affect my credit?

Yes! The great thing about a prepaid credit card is that it is 100% beneficial to your credit. If you charge things onto it, it will boost your score and in turn build your possibilities for future.